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Who We Are

Introducing Olivetta

What grew over centuries as a family heritage in the world of olives took on a full modernistic vocation in 2005, giving rise to Olivetta.

Founded in the heart of Cairo,
Olivetta is specialized in the manufacturing
of olives, olive oil, and pickles for more
than 10 years.

Olivetta has been aiming to renovate and modernize the
manufacturing of olive, olive oil, and pickles and
has acquired numerous techniques to accelerate
and increase and obtain the Egyptian pickles market.

Modernity was in no way meant to replace the traditional knowhow. It just invited science to take hold of meticulous cultural practices, harvesting techniques, production, and storage, as asafeguard to exceptional quality.

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Our Mission

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To be part of every Egyptian’s kitchen by providing the market with organic, fresh and diversified variety of olives and pickles,“From our Farms to your Home”.

Our Vision

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To implement the concept of freshness in the food industry

Our Values

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Ethical Consumerism

Olivetta is focused on creating a brand that pioneers in a vision of generating ethical consumerism..


Olivetta presents its customers with more than 80 different types of olives and pickles from different origins.


Our products are organic with no GMOs, no artificial ingredients, no chemicals & Halal and not subject to any pasteurization or sterilization all in conformity with ISO 22,000 certification.

Taste & Freshness

Perfectly crafted for your cravings, our products are mouthwatering, tasty and always fresh.

Taste & Freshness

Perfectly crafted for your cravings, our products are mouthwatering, tasty and always fresh.


The love and care for olives trickled through generations, up until 2005, when a modern emphasis was coupled

Human Resources

Our well trained team is committed to delivering values that we stand for and intend to provide customer’s satisfaction at its best.


Relying on traditional farming techniques with manual harvesting methods and rainas, ensures a beneficial effect to the environment.

Local Farmers

Our commitment to supporting local farmers and their produce helps preserve farmer communities in place to perpetually take care of the land andkeep it in a pristinecondition for generations to come with that tradition, giving rise to Olivetta with an expertise of more than 10 years in the Olive industry.